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The catering conundrum: What should you expect from your wedding caterer?

After that incredible engagement, you’re now starting to plan the wedding of your dreams. In fact, you already have a venue, dress and theme in mind. But have you ever thought about wedding catering? Probably not that much. You should be, however, because food is one of the things that your guests will remember the most about your wedding.

If you happen to be in the Melbourne area, particularly Yarra Valley, there are things to expect when hiring an event catering Melbourne business.

A good wedding caterer should be flexible.

When it comes to wedding catering, it’s very important to find a caterer that can accommodate your requirements without giving you a headache. Some caterers will offer you a pre-created set menu and there are those who will create one from scratch for you. No matter what your preferences are, make sure that you find a Yarra Valley catering service provider that’s flexible enough to accommodate your needs—and of course, your budget.

A good wedding caterer should fit your style.

The thing about planning a wedding is that every detail should work together. But the problems usually start when one supplier doesn’t agree with the other. For instance, you might have a dream wedding venue but they only allow caterers from their list, but you have another caterer in mind. To solve this stressful situation, make sure to find a wedding caterer that fits your style by asking where they usually do events. If they usually cater to outdoor events and you’re getting married outdoors, then it could be a match made in heaven.

A good wedding caterer should provide you with a clear quote.

Whether you’re working on a tight budget or not, your caterer should be able to give you a full breakdown of your wedding catering. This should include food costs, bar costs and even linen costs. You have to see the fine print before paying the deposit to make sure that you’re really getting your money’s worth. To avoid any mishaps, look for trusted names in the wedding catering business like Essential Caterer.

A good wedding caterer should offer options during the tasting.

To help you decide on a wedding caterer, you have to book a tasting session first. Aside from getting an idea about the food that a caterer has to offer, tasting should also give you the opportunity to see how creative the company is. You should expect to sample some food items that are already on your menu or those that the caterer thinks you might like. But a good Yarra Valley Wedding catering provider should also be able to come up with dishes that you weren’t expecting but might consider for your menu.

The takeaway

Finding the right wedding caterer is just like finding that perfect dress or the perfect wedding venue—it takes time. Since there is no one-size-fits-all in wedding catering, it’s very important to find one that will fit your style, needs and budget best. This way, you can guarantee that you and your guests will be served good wedding food that they will surely talk about for a long time.

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