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How To Save When Availing of Catering Service

Events are awesome, be it reunions, anniversaries, weddings, and birthdays. However, preparing the foods for these occasions can be challenging. Don’t worry! If you’re living in Australia, you can rely on the expert caterers Melbourne Eastern Suburbs has to offer.

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One thing to remember, though, is that it can be tempting to overspend on catering service. Who wouldn’t want an additional set of desserts and drinks, right? To stick to your budget and avoid overspending, read these insights:

  1. Choose the menu carefully.

Of course, it’s great to think you can offer a five-course meal. But do you really need to? Skip the items that are quite unfamiliar and unusual for guests. More often than not, they’d never think about eating these foods. Instead, stick to the basics. Limit the appetizers. And control the bar, having only the in-depend beers and champagnes. It also helps to avail of food catering Melbourne restaurants offer. This is a way to ensure proven-and-tested sumptuous dishes your guests would love.

  1. Find a suitable provider.

Saving on catering cost really just depends on your patience in looking for a suitable provider. Shop around. Compare prices. And whenever possible, negotiate with the price. It also helps to set an appointment way ahead of time. Moreover, any providers offer price cuts for early bookings. Therefore, you should know what you want and keep looking. Remember, there are many professional caterers Melbourne Eastern Suburbs has in store for you!

  1. Consider the occasion.

Would you be needing the catering service for a wedding? Or do you want it for your loved one’s death anniversary? Whichever is the case, choose an apt provider specialising in the event. Now, thankfully, you can find wedding or funeral catering Melbourne providers who can whip up the right meals for your function. Take note to be open to the providers’ suggestions, as well.

  1. Consider bringing your own drinks.

Liquor and drinks account for the highest markup on your catering cost. Therefore, negotiate with the provider if you can possibly skip the drinks. You can take charge of this and spend your money on other aspects of the service, such as desserts and appetisers. Besides, if you’re holding a formal occasion, it’s not good to serve a lot of liquor.

  1. Schedule your events wisely.

Seasonal price fluctuation also applies to catering service. There are months caterers receive a lot of booking demands, which can cause the price to skyrocket. Now, to save a couple of bucks and enjoy discounts, conduct your events during non-peak seasons. Additionally, by doing this, you can also save on booking your venue, such as hotels or resorts.


Foods and drinks play a huge part in any type of event. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you need to overspend. Don’t give up until you’ve found the best provider of birthday, funeral, or wedding catering Melbourne has to offer.

It’s just a matter of patience and research to find a reliable one, such as Essential Catering & Events, to enjoy the service of the best caterers Melbourne Eastern Suburbs can offer. See more at

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